Water Testing for Pathogenic Parasites in Groundwater

Why water testing for pathogenic parasites in groundwater is important

Water testing for pathogenic parasites in groundwater is a critical step in helping to insure your water supply is safe.  This is especially true in more remote areas being developed.

Today I’m here working in the Dominican Republic donating time to work with the people in the local villages to protect their water supply, to be able to purify it and have better water so they can have better health.

To me that’s really important and probably to just about everybody in the world it’s important that everyone has good health.

So, some of the things that we could do to the water is test it.

Did you know that there are over 27 pathogenic viruses that live in groundwater and surface water?

And I wonder if you know that there’s over 30 pathogenic bacteria that live in groundwater that can affect people’s health.

The other thing that you should know, is that there are over 100 parasites that have cysts that can survive in groundwater up to over a year.

They incubate when they get into a mammal’s body, like a human’s body, and then they grow.

So it’s really important to protect your groundwater.

And some of the things that are so important to know; it’s not that you just might get sick for a while, it’s that your health my degenerate for years and years, which means you’re less productive, less successful, not as happy.

And in the Dominican Republic, where I am right now, there is a Dengue fever—I don’t want to say “outbreak” but it’s increasing in the amount of cases, and it’s also in Hawaii.

What we’re finding is there are two different types of Dengue viruses: one that makes you really sick, and the other one that kills you.

So it’s really important to protect the water supplies.

And the way you do that—the first thing you do, is test your water.

If you’re concerned about your water, call us at 1-907-344-9370 and one of our environmental experts here at Terrasat, Inc. will test it for you and we’ll let you know what’s in your water supply.

Until the next time, I’m Dan Young wishing you a great day.



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