Environmental Site Investigations

TERRASAT conducts many types of environmental site investigations.  Clients engage us to solve specific problems, such as a regulatory requirement to define a release of fuel from a tank, or to conduct a Phase 2 investigation to determine if a release occurred at a specific location.

Our initial approach develops a clear objective of what the client needs so we can minimize costs and solve our client’s problem.  This is often done during our first phone consultation.

Quite often our clients are not clear on what they need.  Our vast knowledge of release investigations, Alaska subsurface conditions, expert witness requirements, and existing regulations benefit our clients while assisting in developing clear objectives to streamline the investigative process.

Locating groundwater contamination plumes can be challenging until a detailed knowledge of site conditions is known and understood.  Many geological experts have stated that glacial originated sediment in Alaska is complex.

We help our clients avoid many of these challenges using a variety of appropriate techniques to determine the best place to investigate the first time.

Available techniques include:

  • Stereo aerial photographic interpretation
  • Review existing subsurface data from our vast collection or from agency records
  • Geophysical techniques to determine specific subsurface conditions that control groundwater flow
  • Statistical based sampling, including two stage screening or EPA release techniques
  • Vapor screening of volatile contaminants
  • Existing Data review
  • Geographical Information Systems
  • Advanced statistical kriging of various data
  • Geochemical analysis to determine groundwater flow directions

Results create a subsurface conceptual model that is used to guide an efficient, focused environmental site assessment.

Site assessments or investigations range in complexity from simple remote sensing techniques to determine groundwater gradient to a complex task like defining the extent of soil and groundwater contamination.

These investigations are used to satisfy site closure from the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation or the EPA.

Our initial goal is to determine our client’s ultimate objective and then determine the most cost efficient strategy to meet their objective.

Site assessments are effective to locate buried drums, tanks, and conduct Phase 2 and Phase 3 investigations.

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