Remote Sensing with 3D Historical Aerial Photo Interpretation

TERRASAT has a long history of solving environmental and hydrogeological problems using remote sensing with 3D historical aerial photo interpretation.

In fact, for over 20 years, we were the only company offering these inexpensive services to the environmental services industry in Alaska.

Our aerial photo library has stereo photographs of Alaska dating back to 1948.

If you are a prospective purchaser of commercial property, stereo air photo interpretation can determine the historical uses of the property.

More importantly, we can determine if a fuel spill likely occurred or if poor waste management practices led to an impaired property.

This is important if you are about to purchase a property and would like to avoid purchasing a huge, hidden liability.

We include air photo interpretation in every Phase 1 environmental assessment, using high resolution mirrored stereoscopes.

Air photo interpretation requires a very special skill set, but the process is one of the least expensive methods of evaluating a property.  We use these skills for gold mining, mine permitting and mineral exploration.

Air photo interpretation is important when determining subsurface geological conditions.  This is one of the first tools we use to find potential aquifers during groundwater exploration.

This knowledge focuses exploration on the areas most likely to produce large quantities of groundwater.  Focused exploration reduces drilling costs and reduces overall project costs.

Whether you are looking for placer gold, gravel resources or groundwater for your property, stereoscopic air photo interpretation is the best place to start.

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