Underground Storage Tank Removal

Terrasat are Experts at Underground Storage Tank Removal and Assessment

Since 1988, TERRASAT has successfully completed underground storage tank removal for hundreds of our clients bringing them into compliance with the regulations. Many of our clients were unaware that their buried tanks were exempt from the UST regulations.

Please contact us at 1-907-344-9370 if you are in doubt because we can usually make the determination of regulated versus unregulated over the phone.

TERRASAT has removed many buried tank systems from former and active mobile home parks. Some of these systems released fuel to the environment.

Underground storage tank removal by Terrasat Environmental engineers
Underground storage tank removal by Terrasat Environmental engineers

We have been able to provide professional expert witness services and help our clients recover remediation costs from former insurance companies.

Knowing the regulations is important in the expert witness process but knowing how to collect and preserve evidence is key to cost recovery.

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Underground Storage Tank Removal Regulations

Underground storage tank removal became regulated in 1988 by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and later by the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC).

TERRASAT participated as a volunteer in the writing of the original regulations to assist the State of Alaska in making regulations that were practical.

What is an Underground Storage Tank (UST)?

An underground storage tank system is simply any tank and whatever underground piping that is connected to the tank in which at least 10 percent of its combined volume is underground. The federal UST regulations apply only to UST systems storing either petroleum or certain hazardous substances.

Nearly 561,000 underground storage tanks (USTs) in the United States are being used to store petroleum or hazardous substances. Those numbers are according to the EPA.

Why Should Underground Storage Tanks Concern Me?

Until the mid-1980s, most USTs were made of bare steel. While strong and reliable, over time bare steel tends to corrode which lets the material inside an underground storage tank leak into the environment. Other factors that can contribute to USTs releasing their contents into the environment are: faulty installation and inadequate operating and maintenance procedures.

The biggest associated risk with having an underground storage tank is if it begins to leak and contaminate nearby ground water. Since ground water is the number one source of drinking water for close to half of all Americans, this is a serious concern. Other health and environmental risks a leaking UST can pose are the potential for fire or explosion. Terrasat works with land developers, the state of Alaska, and the EPA to help protect the environment and human health from potential releases.

In 2015 specific sections of the 1988 underground storage tank technical regulation were changed. These changes included the following:

Updated codes of practice

Removing past deferrals for emergency generator tanks, field-constructed tanks, and airport hydrant systems.

Periodic operation and maintenance requirements for UST systems being added.

Additional requirements to ensure UST system compatibility before storing certain biofuel blends.

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