Mine Permitting in Alaska – Chuitna Coal Project

TERRASAT, Inc. was retained by Yukuskokon Professional Services, LLC to perform oversight of monitoring well installation and subsequent aquifer testing and geophysical investigation for mine permitting.

The Chuitna Coal Project is a surface coal mining and export development proposal for an ultra low sulfur, sub bituminous coal resource located in the Beluga Coal Field of South-Central Alaska. It is located approximately 45 miles west of Anchorage.

This investigation was conducted to satisfy additional data requirements of the EPA for the Environmental Impact Statement.

Mine permitting work at Chuitna Coal Project by Terrasat, Inc.
Mine permitting work at Chuitna Coal Project by Terrasat, Inc.

TERRASAT personnel were responsible for identifying and logging the known stratigraphic units and instructing the drilling crews on proper screen placement in units of interest.

Borehole geophysics were applied to optimize well screen placement.

TERRASAT designed and implemented aquifer testing to evaluate aquifer properties for subsequent aquifer modeling and to refine the water balance equation for the project site and mine permit.

Additionally, TERRASAT provided geophysical logging and interpretation of the deep monitoring wells. This investigation provided refinement of the understanding of the underlying stratigraphic contacts, and lithology.

Project Features

  • Monitoring Well logging and construction
  • Aquifer Testing
  • Geophysical Investigation and Interpretataion

Project Duration

March 2011 to May 2011

Project Team

Dan Young, M.A., C.P.G

Jeremy Stariwat, B.S.c., Geological Sciences

Steve Smith, B.S.c., Geological Sciences


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