Waste Characterization

Waste characterization is often associated with industrial sites.

Waste characterization requirements may result from regulatory actions and affects many active commercial sites as well as past practices at those sites.

An example is during a Phase 1 environmental site assessment, where unknown wastes may be suspected to have been released to the environment, such as waste oil, solvents and even lead-acid batteries.

A Phase 2 investigation will confirm a release.

However, if a release is known to exist, we suggest moving right into some form of limited waste characterization to determine what released to the environment and the significance with respect to regulatory compliance.

TERRASAT excels at characterizing contents of former landfills.  We use the latest geophysical sensors, which are much less expensive and less invasive than using an excavator.  The results show the location of buried tanks and drums, along with approximate depths.

We employ two-stage and three-stage sampling to define the extent of releases, both fuel and solvents.  The multistage approach significantly reduces laboratory costs while providing more information about site conditions.

The results are combined with our GIS software to provide rapid evaluation of releases and the distribution of wastes within the environment.


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Additional references for waste characterization studies and strategies: